About us

Who are we?

Hello there! We are ENJOY Puzzle, a team of jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts who took their passion to the next level - after years of assembling puzzles, we acknowledged exactly what would make us enjoy a jigsaw puzzle to the fullest!

Our search for the perfect puzzle quickly turned into a dream project when we decided to combine all the ideal features we had in mind to create the most exciting jigsaw puzzles – and that’s how ENJOY Puzzle became reality!

Why are we called ENJOY Puzzle?

Well, why work on a puzzle if you don't ENJOY it?!

Assembling a jigsaw puzzle means spending a good amount of time on it, so the whole experience, starting from the puzzle itself and up to the image, should be fun and entertaining! In the end, it should make you say: "I really enjoyed working on this puzzle!", and not leave you with a bitter taste!

What makes ENJOY Puzzle so enjoyable?

From the very first moments, jigsaw puzzles must create a spark and captivate your attention, making you want to explore, assemble, admire and even frame them! Each piece should feel delightful in your hand, making it difficult to move away once you start working on the puzzle.

But sometimes, it can be tricky to find all these elements in one single jigsaw puzzle... Not anymore, now that ENJOY Puzzle exists!

Here's what we're bringing you:

  • no boring, dull, stressful or frustrating puzzles;
  • colorful, vividly clear and fun artworks that are entertaining and inspiring;
  • new images from various artists, illustrators, painters and photographers;
  • easy to move assembled sections due to the thick pieces and their tight interlocking;
  • matte finish which removes disturbing reflections;
  • variety of pieces and shapes that fit just in their correct place;
  • silky smooth texture of the pieces for an enhanced tactile experience;
  • compact, eco-friendly packaging adds storage practicality;
  • missing pieces replacement service so your puzzle is always complete!