Brand Description

ENJOY Puzzle

The complete puzzle experience!

When the passion reached new heights, ENJOY Puzzle took over! It all started with a team of jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts and a search for the most enjoyable puzzles. Because why work on a puzzle if you don't ENJOY it?! Having in mind all the features that would make jigsaw puzzles spectacular, the search quickly turned into a DIY dream project. And when those features got combined, ENJOY Puzzle became reality!

Spending a good amount of time working on a puzzle should be fun and entertaining, so the images have to be inspiring, bursting of colors and patterns. That's why ENJOY Puzzle is bringing unique artworks in the jigsaw puzzles world, partnering with various artists, illustrators and photographers to increase all the enjoyment a puzzle can bring!

But what makes ENJOY Puzzle so enjoyable, you wonder?

Strong connections for successful pick-ups!

Don't worry about assembled sections falling apart when you move them around! As the pieces connect together tightly and uniformly, due to the quality materials and precise cutting technique, the sections will stay in one piece. Amaze everyone by lifting the finished, unglued jigsaw puzzle from the table!

Matte finish for all time puzzling!

Any disturbing reflections are eliminated by the smooth, matte, anti-glare surface that coats the puzzle. You can puzzle in any lighting conditions and in any moment of the day or night! If framed, the puzzle will look good from any angle!

Vivid images to bring joy!

The rich, vibrant colors and the high level of detailing make the puzzle stand out! Moreover, the stunning designs, images and artworks have been carefully picked to never be stressful or boring!

Unique shapes to never get stuck!

Having a variety of shapes and easy noticeable particularities, the pieces are impossible to misplace. Each piece fits only in its own, correct spot.

Silky touch for your fingertips!

That moment when you run your hand all over the completed puzzle gets better with these silky pieces! The tactile experience is enhanced by the incredibly soft and smooth pieces.

Compact box for more space!

To be convenient for storage, the puzzle pieces come in a compact, yet sturdy box. For practical reference, the box shows the entire puzzle image on the front lid.

No more missing pieces!

In order to provide you with the most enjoyable experience possible with our jigsaw puzzles, we provide a free replacement service in the unpredicted event of missing pieces.

Are you ready to explore the ENJOY Puzzle world?