Monthly Giveaway

Greetings from ENJOY Puzzle!
If you landed on this page, then you've recently got hold of an ENJOY Puzzle! Thank you!

One of our key objectives as a puzzle company is to build an exciting community and maintain a strong connection with everyone who ENJOYs our puzzles! We use our platforms - Instagram, Facebook, and Newsletter - to interact with you, provide additional information about our puzzles, share news and deals, and reach out to more puzzle enthusiasts.

We want to thank you for your support by giving something back to you! By joining our community, you have up to three chances to win a total of six - yes, SIX! - ENJOY puzzles! In the month you join us, you will automatically take part in the platform's draw. One prize will be awarded for each platform, consisting of two ENJOY puzzles of your choosing!

Allow us to explain how all works!

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The month you join our community, whichever the platform, could be your lucky month! You can join us on any platform you like, but your chances of winning are tripled if you enter all of them! The month's draws are open for you regardless of where you live, how you got an ENJOY Puzzle, or how you discovered us and our community.

You can only enter the draws during the month in which you joined us. If you join our Facebook community in June, for example, you will be eligible to win Facebook's June prize. Only our July newcomers will be eligible for the July draw. This way, we can ensure that everyone has an equal chance!

The 3 winners of the month will be picked at random: one from our new Instagram followers, one from our new Facebook fans and one from our new email subscribers. If you are the winner, we will contact you within a week of the draw date via the official platform where you joined us.

The prizes are as mentioned (2 ENJOY puzzles for each platform), and there is no cash alternative. The puzzles are subject to your selection as well as our availability.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules! Welcome to the ENJOY Puzzle family! Good luck and let’s have fun!

NOTE: We reserve the right to change the rules or to end the giveaway permanently at any given time, so make sure you periodically visit this page for updates. By visiting our website, you agree to be bound to our Terms and Conditions (link) and Privacy Policy (link).


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